Hi! thanks for stopping by. “Solved Health” is just that a solution to your health. Solved Health is a lifestyle website, dedicated to giving you the information you need to better your life, as well as keep you informed.

With the rise of the mis-education short attention spans, mass production of foods and a fast paced world-we know that it can be near impossible to get the right information that benefits your health and lifestyle.

At Solved Health we concentrate on giving you information that can benefit your life from an holistic and natural point of view. We don’t promote the use of unnatural chemicals, such as steroids, GMO’s or excessive processed sugar consumption here, so we’re sure you will be surprised about what you learn about the various topics we discuss such as, health, fitness, nutrition and more…

All information is well researched here and you will find links through out our articles. Click on the links to get further information. The links will provide further information, such as medical sources and professional studies done and there results.

We believe that there is no one way to great health, but that there are conscious choices that need to be made to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For instance, “Eating sweets as a treat is fine, but making sweets your staple diet, not so fine“. That being said we are here to guide you and not impose on you what choices to make about your health.

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