Your Work Out Plan(s) Guide For A Full Body Workout Routine

What You Must Do First and Why When Choosing The Best Work out Plans?

When deciding to improve your body and fitness, whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, you will need to avoid the common mistakes which most people fall victim too, when choosing their work out plans.

Here’s a checklist to follow which will help you avoid mistakes many make:

  • Plan ahead before you start your fitness program.
  • Get a complete health check, by a physician, so you know it’s safe for you to embark on a fitness plan.
  • A medical check will ensure any medical problems are flagged up, which could potentially make your physical condition worse.
  • The best type of medical check is a complete evaluation, especially if you haven’t been having regular medical checkups.

This starter checklist should set you off on the right path.

You should also be aware that any extra exercise will certainly put a strain on your body.

Exercise can effect your joints, blood pressure and other areas of your bodies system. You should keep in mind your body will be working harder than it has been working in the past, and this is necessary to achieve your goals.

For this reason as explained in the checklist, this is why a medical checkup is necessary in most cases.

The Benefits Of A Home Workout Plan

Starting an home workout is an exciting prospect. The benefits are not just physical,  but also mental and spiritual (a sense of well being).

The feeling you will get from the increase in blood flow from workouts, to the change in your blood-sugar levels, are all the contributing factors to a better  mood, spirit, and disposition. To experience these changes positively it’s important that your physical health is up to par.

The Danger Of Not Following A Checklist

Here are some of the problems you are likely to encounter if you don’t make the correct preparations for you workout.

  • You could sustain permanent injuries that may become worse.
  • An unknown medical condition could make exercising hard and therefore cause you to quit because of the lack of improvements seen.

Making a Plan

planningAs obvious as it may sound, a mistake made by many people is not having a plan for their workout routine.

The result of not planning properly usually results in buying expensive equipment that is not needed. This approach also makes the exercise regime more daunting as you’re likely to wrongly believe you have to do exercises you don’t like.

What you should keep in mind if nothing else, is that a home workout plan should be fun! Knowing all this can help you avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

What To Consider When Making A Plan:

  • You need to choose exercises that you like so that you’re enthusiastic and don’t quit.
  • You need to understand your own specific needs, for example do you want to develop “six-pack” abs, to change a flabby body into lean muscle, or to gain overall strength?

Understanding what you want from your workout will allow you to choose workouts that focus on these goals.

  • You will need to consider the expense:

You may have  thought, or be thinking that home exercising is cheap, but if you’re going to buy all the latest equipment, this can easy add up. Although over time the equipment is likely to save you money, you should also consider that a gym membership can also be a very viable choice.

The benefits of having a plan make it a must for anyone serious about an exercise workout. Here are some of those benefits:

  • An exercise plan will allow you to take control of your home workout experience.
  • A plan will allow you to end up with a work out that is suitable for you. This is not achieveable without careful planning.
  • A plan will help to ensure that you don’t become overwhelmed, exhausted, discouraged, and confused. It will also help you see where you’re making progress.

How to make a plan

When making a home workout plan the first thing to do is to set some goals. These goals should have reasonable expectations, so that you’re not discouraged and you can meet them.

You need to remember that the perfect body can be achieved, but it’s not an overnight transformation.

Setting goals which include reasonable times for transformation will be a key factor in achieving your goals.

Your plan should account for variations, for example you may begin with a certain exercise and realize that it’s not for you. It may be uncomfortable for you or only be beneficial for a specific part of the body.

Giving yourself leeway in your work out plan will help dispel the feeling of failure, as not all exercises are for everyone.

Your plan should include the time devoted to exercise, and this should also be reasonable. It’s unlikely that you will have all the hours of the day to exercise, so organizing your time correctly will mean your not committing to more than you can do, in regards to your time.

Organizing your time properly will also ensure you don’t over work your self, causing you to be tired throughout the day, which could effect your general daily life.

Your work out plan should have a schedule. A plan that has no routine is likely to be ineffective, for this reason your workout shouldn’t have the least priority on your daily list of things to do.

To create a non conflicting routine you should look at your daily schedule. Your plan may require you to get up a little earlier than usual, or require you to use your lunch time at work. A good rule of thumb is to create a plan that doesn’t majorly disrupt your normal daily routine.

Here Are Some More Benefits Of Setting Up A Fitness Plan Correctly:

  1. It will get rid of any chaos, confusion, and frustration.
  2. You will get clarity about what you’re doing and when to do it.
  3. You get a better idea of the results you can expect to see.
  4. It will give you something to look forward to because of the clarity it gives you, regarding results.

Why Exercise?

Exercise is a an essential part of your plan if you’re looking for the perfect body.

Don’t be put off, because exercise doesn’t have to be boring.

Here are the three major types of exercise that we have identified that will help you get the perfect body, they are as follows:

1) – Pilates

Pilates are an exercise developed as far back as World War One, by a German called Joseph Pilate.

Today Pilates are a popular form of exercise.

Pilates can benefit your overall body, placing the most emphasis on areas of the body commonly seen as trouble-spots.

Pilates are beneficial for losing unwanted weight and good for developing as much healthy muscle as possible.

Pilates are very good for your home workout routine. They will benefit your abs, hips, buttocks, and thighs. Helping them to become stronger, more flexible, and healthier.

There are a number of different Pilate exercises you can choose from.

2) – Aerobics

This is another popular form of exercise. Aerobics will help to tone the muscles, but it also has more important benefits, which make it an important inclusion in your home workout.

Aerobics benefits your entire cardiovascular system.  Which will help to strengthen your heart and your lungs.  This will lead to better overall health and make your workout more exciting and exhilarating.

3) – Calisthenics

Calisthenics may be an exercise you have or haven’t heard of. There’s a huge possibility you took part in this type of exercise while at school. However chances are you didn’t know you were doing them.

Calisthenics can best be described as body weight exercises, which means no equipment is necessary. These exercises are a great way to sculpt the perfect body.

The most common types of calisthenics exercises are:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Squats

These exercises will get your blood pumping, as well as tone and make your body firm.

Now you have the template for a practical exercise plan you can use it to create an exercise plan that you can follow routinely, for optimal results.

Before You Begin Exercising

Once you have the perfect plan in place you will be eager to put it into action. Here are some other important points you’ll need to consider.

These suggestions will make your overall work out regimen less stressful on your body.

  • Warmup

A warmup before each session will help ready and make your body more supple for the exercises to come, which will make the overall workout flow more smoothly.

A warm up will consist of basic stretching and bending.

  • Cooling Down

Having a cooling down period after each workout can be of great benefit. This will again consist of the same bending and stretching done when warming up. These light exercises will prepare your body for rest and are good for concluding the workout exercises.

The choice of stretches and bending you do should be closely related to the areas of your body you want to concentrate on.

Remember when  choosing exercises, to choose those that you enjoy the most, so that you don’t get bored of them.

Weight Lifting Or Not?

Depending on the type of exercise plan you choose weights may, or may not be as useful.

Here are the basic types of weights generally used:

  • Dumbbells

dumbellsThese are good for toning muscles in your arms, shoulders, and upper torso, they can also assist in toning your abdominal muscles.

Dumbbells can be incorporated in your plan using a variety of different weights.

If you’re a beginner you may want to start with lighter dumbbells, and increase the weight as your body becomes accustomed to the workouts.

  • Barbells

barbellsThese types of weight are generally used while lying flat.

The most popular types of barbell exercise are power-lifting exercises.

Among professionals the power lifting exercise known as bench-pressing is popular. Especially among professional body-builders and other athletes.

If you plan to build muscles you can easily make bench-pressing a part of your workout routine.

You should be aware that bench-pressing puts a considerable amount of strain on the body, especially the abdomen. For this reason it is best advised to choose light weights when you are beginning your workout routines. You should gradually increase weights as you become stronger.

You will need to be careful when weight lifting as undue strain could cause permanent damage to your muscles.

The Best Dumbbells And Barbell Options

Although it’s possible to buy barbells and dumbbells as fixed one-piece weights, it’s also possible to buy them with adjustable weight, which allows you to add and remove weight as desired.

The latter is generally the most beneficial to your workout routine, as you can adjust the amount of weight you use to reflect the progress you’re making in your workouts.

You should keep in mind also that you don’t have to lift weights to get your desired body, this is just for those that want to incorporate them.

Tips Before Using Weights

Before buying weights you should:

  • Choose the right weights, (lighter weights for beginners).
  • Consider your safety when using the weights:
  • This should include the correct workout gear where necessary. Which may include sneakers (trainers) or similar shoes with non-slip rubber soles.
  • It may also be necessary to avoid wearing clothes that are too loose, or long sleeves. To avoid clothes being caught on weights etc.

– Flooring:

The type of flooring should be safe to avoid slipping. Preferably flooring should not be covered with rugs, carpeting, tiles, and other potentially hazardous material or coverings.

If you must work out on carpet you should ensure there are no hazardous objects impeding you where you work out.

Benefits Of Weights

There can be great benefits from working out with weights and they can help you achieve the perfect body! They can also invigorate your entire system.  They can help benefit your heart and lungs greatly, especially when you make working out with weights a regular part of your home workout routine.
With a good  weight lifting program you can expect to increase your strength and get a more toned body.

The Importance Of Building Muscle

Building muscle is a vital part of contouring your body. it’s not necessary to build muscle like a body builder, but building muscle is a great way to get rid of excess and unwanted fat on the body.

Exercise routines that include building muscle are a key component to any good fitness workout program.

Building some muscle will build your overall strength and it will also firm and tone your contours. such as biceps, abs and thighs, this toning will help you achieve your ideal body.

There is a difference between overweight fat and muscles and you will notice the difference once you build some muscle.

Building muscle is not just for those that feel they are over weight, it is also a great way to tone a person who is slim too.

What Equipment Do You Need?

One of the mistake many people make when planning a home workout is purchasing too much exercise equipment. This leads to wasting money on expensive equipment that is not really needed, resulting in having unwanted clutter in your home, because the equipment doesn’t get used.

When choosing equipment here’s a checklist to help you avoid wasting time and money:

[junkie-alert style=”red”] When choosing equipment here’s a checklist to help you avoid wasting time and money: [/junkie-alert]

  • Consider the amount of space you have in the area where you plan to work out.
  • When choosing equipment you don’t need more equipment than can fit in the space you have.
  • Think of the cost, you don’t have to have the same equipment that you find in a gymnasium.
  • You should choose the right equipment, capable of achieving your goals.
  • It is not necessary to buy name brands, or the most expensive models of equipment on the market.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Here are some basic exercise equipment worth considering to help point you in the right direction: [/junkie-alert]

  • A Stationary Bike

exercise bike stationary bike imageThis is great as a warm up tool and can also be used for a mini-workout by itself.

  • A Treadmill

treadmill imageGreat for increasing physical endurance, increasing your breathing and giving you better strength in your heart and lungs.

  • A Rowing Machine

rowing machine

A great piece of equipment for toning your abdominal muscles, your arms, and your shoulders.

A rowing machine can increase your upper body strength and your body’s firmness.

These three pieces of equipment are a great place to start, as long as space and budget permits it.

Need More Motivation?

Here are two top tips to help motivate you during your workout:

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Tip 1 [/junkie-alert]

If you know that you’re the type of person that requires motivation there’s nothing wrong with employing the services of a personal trainer.

A Trainer can be a great motivator and they can also give you the starting motivation that you need.

A personal trainer can help you customize your home workout. This is especially good if you’re not totally sure what is right for you.

A trainer can also give you an idea of when you should expect to see results.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Tip 2 [/junkie-alert]

A short term gym membership can be a useful option. This is a good way to decide what equipment you need when planning to buy equipment and do your workout at home.

Visiting a gym will give you the chance to see how equipment is being used, which will help you when your eventually buy some equipment for your self (If this is something you eventually want to do).

Also human interaction, and seeing other people’s progress will give you an idea of what to expect.

Setting Goals

Setting your self goals you adhere to is an important part of your fitness workout.

Here’s a list of some common mistakes and tips to help you focus during your workout:

1) – Focusing On Your End Goal.

Too much focus on what you want to achieve can cause you to lose interest – become overwhelmed, overburdened, and frustrated.

These feelings will normally arise when you have an unrealistic idea of what is achievable.

To prevent yourself being overwhelmed you should look at your workout as a whole, this way you can appreciate the step by step progress you’re making to get to your end goal.

What you need to remember is that each days work out is a success bringing you a step closer to the end goal.

2) – Avoid Constantly Checking Your Weight

You should avoid checking your weight and using a tape measure every workout session, as this will only make you anxious and could make you lose focus if you feel like not achieving your own unrealistic goals.

3) – Keeping a diary

Jotting down a brief note after every workout can help you to keep track of what you are doing. This will help encourage you and give you a basic framework of how much you are accomplishing, and how much more you still need to do.

4) – Your Diet

What you eat is an important part of a good diet. If your diet is all junk food or relatively healthy, now is the time to make a well needed change.

A healthy diet is a big topic. (you can read some of our other articles about health here) The main aspects are that you eliminate empty calories. And eat healthier foods, which have actual benefits to your body, not just quench hunger.

A fitness workout plan is the perfect time to give up carbonated soft drinks, alcohol, and other products which may taste good but do nothing for your body.

A healthy diet will make you healthier. It also provides added benefits such as foods high in protein, and carbohydrates, which provide you long-lasting energy.

When your body contains these foods, not only will your workouts be easier, but your entire day will be filled with natural energy.

The opposite is true for sweet foods and snacks. They cause your blood-sugar level to rise abruptly, and allow you to feel energetic for a short period of time. The side effect is, after the boost in energy, your energy level will drop lower than it was before. Keeping your use of sugary snacks to a minimum will allow your energy levels to remain consistent.

Basic Dietary Changes

Some of the healthier foods you should be eating should include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lubes (some grain products can also be beneficial).

Drinking fluid is also an important part of a healthy fitness plan.

Fresh water, will help keep your body hydrated.

It may sound obvious, but it’s important you understand that exercise depletes the body’s natural fluids, and this often happens quite rapidly. This means you lose fluid through perspiration and this can make you feel run-down and tired. This is why It’s essential to replenish your body’s natural fluids.


This fitness workout template is a great place for you to start. It is especially good if you’ve had no experience with a work out plan.

Whether you are trying to lose weight or add some weight or definition to your body this guide will help you consider all the things you may not have thought of initially. Remember there is no tricks to losing weight or gaining weight, they both require a sensible workout plan. Don’t forget to share!


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